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The earliest tune that resembles "Captain Kidd" is the Scottish "Germany Thomas". Although its lyrics refer to a war of 1630-48 the tune is probably older.

Another possibile Celtic root is the Welsh "Neu Cwynfau y Wraig Weddw" (Venture Gwen), been played since long long ago, but no score printed until 1717.

Those celtic tunes were doubtless picked-up by English soldiers during the Civil War [1642-51]

Hence in 1649 the Diggers, peasant occupiers sang to our tune "With spades and hoes and plows stand up now your freedom to uphold; Cavaliers are bold to kill you if they could and rights from you withold."

Buy a transcript of "Captain Kid's Farewel to the Seas, or, the Famous Pirate's Lament, 1701, to the tune of Coming Down"

The 1701 broadsheet cited "Coming Down" as its melody, meaning "Jack Hall" for those were Jack's last resonant words

After 1701 all such songs cite "Captain Kidd" as their tune:- 1746 Ye Jacobites by Name; 1851 Come Ye that fear the Lord unto Me; 1853 What Wondrous Love is this oh my Soul; 1849 Jack Hall etc.,

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Today a wide range of styles exist: from happy merrymakers like 'Great Big Sea' and 'Jolly Rogers', to sad lamenters like 'Cowboy Junkies', and 'Tempest' who rewrote the lyrics explaing that innocent Kidd was double-crossed. They even added a bridge!



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43GwPw Mentra Gwen, nea Cwynfan y Wraig Weddw [Wales before 1700]  
48GwFt Mentra Gwen
[Fiddler's Tunebook - Wales 1752]
" "  
32ShvVG The Shan Van Vocht [Air - Ireland 1796-99]  


The Shan Van Vocht [Hornpipe -1796-99]

" "  
32ShVR The Shan Van Vocht [Reel - Ireland 1796-99] " "  
33PraH The Famine Song / The Praties they grow small over here [Ireland 1848]  
54JoHL Johnny Hall [Ireland 1849]  

Germany Thomas [Scotland 1640 ] and
Aikendrum [Scotland 1715]


Germany Thomas [by Hector McNeil - 1859]


Ye Jacobites by Name [Scotland 1746]



11CaOm Remember O Thou Man [1611] 1611  
12WbSo Through All the World Below [Wm. Walters] 1805  
06KCho Through All the World Below "This variation was heard by more thousands of people than any other" [Wm. Bonner] 1805  
58SySf Sinful youth 1851  
22WLSo Wondrous Love 1853  


29JhFi Jack Hall / Coming Down / Chimney Sweep 1700  
21KOx Captain Kidd's Farewell to the Seas 1701  
54JoHL Johnny Hall 1849  
14KJcP Captain Kidd [collected by Joanna Colcord] 1920s  

Captain Kidd [Revivalist campfire style]


Captain Kidd [by Pete Seeger]



31SaCh Sound a Charge/ Put in All, A Dance 1654  
24TgFt Touch and Go / The French Taylor Trappan'd 1663  
35TaBg Benjamin Bowmaneer / Benjamin Bowlabags 1670  
35TaLo The Proud Tailor / The Tailor and the Louse 1670  
24PtPi Put in All, A Song 1719  
39JaJA John Anderson, my Jo [Jackson and Aird] 1780  
15KHur Hurrah for Captain Kidd [Will Marion Cook] 1901  
16KCyn Captain Kidd with cynicsim [by Arnold Shaw] 1940s  
44ShBB She'll be coming round the mountain
late 1800s  


37DgFi The Digger Song, Leveler and Diggers 1649  
61Dig The Diggers Song [music by Leon Rosselson] 1649  

27FpLw London's Farewell to Ye Parliament 1642  
40DkNf The Beggar Laid Him Down to Sleepe /
Duke of Norfolk
31SaCh The Loyal Subjects Joy 1660  
19JbBo Ye Jacobites by Name 1764  


36BoBe The Poor Benjamins' Lamentation / or
Bold Benjamin
09AbVb Admiral Benbow Air [collected Cecil Sharp] 1702  
09AbVc Come All You Sailors Bold / Admiral Benbow [from The Vocal Enchantress] 1783  
09AbFi Brave Benbow [collected by Cecil Sharp] 1783  
08abtf Admiral Benbow (We Sailed To Virginia) 1780  
46DLFi Davy Louston, a Song of Sealers
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